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Mma.reddit game odds nfl

mma.reddit game odds nfl

If you want to discuss your individual parlay/bet, individual games or props then NFL The r/sportsbook NFL Genius Pick Week 3 (shinbashicon.infobook). submitted 4. The UFC heads south of the border to Mexico City for UFC Fight Night The main event features two fast-rising flyweights, Sergio Pettis and. He has an excellent jab and some of the most lethal leg kicks in MMA today. Aldo can grapple as well, as he holds a black belt in BJJ, though. don't fit in daily threads here. r/ NFL - NFL ; r/ nflstatheads - NFL Stat Discussion; r/CFB - College Football [–] shittymmagambler 6 points7 points8 points 6 months ago (7 children). FlashScore App helps me follow and favourite the games I bet on - odds converter and bet tracker. Yeah people talk a lot of shit on Bovada but if you're betting against the public that's the place to be. Out of curiosity, what odds did you lock in. I tried to posting this to r/ mma and it failed to gain any traction. Betting Analysis - http://www. mma.reddit game odds nfl

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Mma.reddit game odds nfl I can definitely see Mcgregor tiring in the later rounds and Mayweather pouring it on. McGregor's line was so outrageous nobody would put a dime on May. In my opinion, upsets are very common. I will almost never bet on a fighter who takes a fight on short notice. I guarantee that the rest of my picks will not include either Lineker or Trujillo. Please try to keep all discussions under the daily threads.

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I wouldn't drive to LV RIGHT JOW Jay galloway sportsbook sports THE HURRICAB. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't make it. Fuck it, a wins a win. I don't like to go over 3, except I always put a long shot bet in there with everyone Mma.reddit game odds nfl think will win and i will take that one to 5, sometimes 6, but thats rare. I could see McGregor tiring quick, and floyd tagging him with so many shots the refs waves it off. Then there are people like Damien Maya who drop a class and start running through people.

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